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Thousands of needy children need your help and they need it now.
The rate of autism is now 1 in 68 people and climbing. Despite this finding, the average age of diagnosis in the U.S. stubbornly remains above four years of age.  

Why?  Because there are approximately 5 developmental pediatricians for every 10,000 children at risk for a diagnosis of autism. Time is of the essence.  Every day that a child has to wait for proper diagnosis represents lost opportunities for intervention that might have life-long benefits.We’re trying to raise $330,000 to train just one.

You see, that’s what it costs to sustain our Autism and Developmental/Behavioral Fellowship Program for three years.  Three years is how long we spend taking just one board certified pediatrician and teaching them the special skills they need to care for impoverished children in Bellevue’s clinic.  In addition to 2000 yearly clinic visits, four-hundred new consultations are performed each year, representing the tip of the iceberg for New York City’s need.Can we count on you to add just one?
What if you could add just one?  
Just one more doctor who specializes in Autism and Developmental/Behavioral Disorders will help tens of thousands of children during the course of a career.

It only costs $85 dollars to give one child a visit with one of our talented pediatric fellows. Please Contribute Today.  

Can we count on you to add just one?
Please give as generously as you can, and give today.  Thank you!
Bellevue's Autism Spectrum Disorder Fellowship is giving life changing training to the doctors we so desperately need to change the ratio on early intervention. But we can't provide this care without your help --> Click here to help us fund the program for another 3 years!


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